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Invisalign: Is the Technique Suitable For Your Dental Needs?

image_3Orthodontic treatments are techniques employed by dental professionals for straightening crooked teeth. They use these techniques to straighten your teeth and improve the look, promote proper functioning and to have them in the ideal position.

The Invisalign technology employs clear plastic trays set as the means of attaining the desired position for your teeth. This differs from the traditional braces which typically use metal wires to achieve the desired position.

Most people who are affected by crooked teeth want to have their smile fixed without the entire world being made aware of that fact. It’s becomes no wonder then that this novel technology is rapidly gaining popularity. This is now broadly acknowledged as one of the most comfortable and easiest fixes for you in case you got any orthodontic issues.

Is the Technique Suitable for All?

This new treatment craze is taking the dental world by storm and very many affected individuals want to be in it. However, due to a number of factors, the method is just not for everybody. Although consulting one who provides the service would be the only guaranteed way of establishing if it fits you, several other factors could give you useful pointers.

Here we consider some of the important key questions that can assist you in determining if you would qualify for the technique.

  1. What and How Severe is the Problem You Want fixed?

This is certainly the most important determinant of whether you would make a good candidate. This orthodontic technique has challenges in fixing your case if it is too severe. For dental issues such as very large overbites, you may require orthodontic procedures that are more advanced so as to shift your jaw significantly.

So long as your dental case isn’t too severe, the Australian Dental Association recommends using the new technique for treating:

  • Crowded teeth.
  • Gapped teeth.
  • Mild under or overbite.
  1. What is Your Age?

This orthodontic method of dental correction is very ideal for adults and older teenagers. Young teens and kids will not make good candidates as their teeth still in their growth phase.

Adults and older teens in particular like the method as it is very transparent. Teens have enough identity and confidence issues and braces don’t make matters any better. Therefore, braces that are transparent are a very welcome option for them.

Grownups value the technology for different reasons. While they may not be carrying a similar level of being self-conscious, they don’t want to be moving around looking like teenagers having wired teeth. They want to correct their teeth without too much fanfare.

  1. How Committed Are You?image_1

Though the methodology is quite easy to grasp, it calls for some discipline while you’re on treatment. For example, you’re obligated to remove the aligners when you’re eating and drinking, except of course when drinking water.  These invisible braces must remain in your mouth for a period of not less than 22 hours daily.

Many orthodontists will instruct you to put on a dental retainer shortly after the braces are removed. However, it’s quite common for patients to neglect the required post-treatment obligations. For you to get the best outcomes and avoid having your teeth reverting to their old positions, you must remain committed to what your orthodontist instructs.

Remember that this is a highly specialized form of dental treatment and should only be carried out by qualified and certified dental professionals. In Australia, any dental expert engaged in orthodontics must be in compliance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 as well as the Australian Medical Council guidelines.

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4 Important Dental Practise Management Tips

Dental practise management requires far much more skill than what you would expect in any other type of business. The fact that you are dealing with the health and welfare of real human beings means that certain critical factors must be observed, which would normally go unnoticed in a different type of service-based organization.


To succeed in your dental practise, you should observe some of these useful tips:

  1. Superb Hygiene

Since health is a key aspect of dental care, or any other form of medical care, hygiene should be a key aspect in your facility. In fact, lacking this crucial aspect is literally counterproductive to whatever else you might do in your health centre.

  1. Good Communication

Good communication is not just essential when interacting with patients, but it is also vital when working with other medical personnel within the health facility. In fact, such communication should even extend further to include other professionals in different medical fields who would be instrumental in delivering health care to your patients. How else would you refer patients to better-placed experts if you have no idea who they are?

Concerning interactions within team members, all staff should work in a manner that ensures smooth operations and the best medical care given to patients. There should be a very good documentation system that tracks the treatment patterns of each and every patient. This would greatly help in identifying those who miss out on important appointments; hence, would need to be called up to remind them of such appointments. Actually, it would be a good thing if staff members can call up patients prior to their appointments to make sure that they don’t miss out in the first place.


Good communication with patients would also involve giving advice on certain dental benefits that they can take advantage of. Professionals would also offer useful advice concerning financing options that patients can take advantage of.

  1. A Financial Policy That Works

Just as hygiene plays a crucial role in the operations of your facility, so also finances are necessary to keep everything running. Having a good financial policy will help you achieve stability by creating transparency, which is sure to make patients appreciate your service. You can also offer certain incentives in order to encourage early payments.

One crucial rule you should observe is always making sure that patients are fully aware of the payment arrangements prior to any treatment. Also make sure that your financial policy always remains consistent for all patients.

  1. Accreditation And Training

In order to continue offering excellent service to patients, a dentist must remain at the cutting edge of technology. This might necessitate re-training in order to learn new techniques developing within the dental industry. Such expertise should also be combined with equipping of the facility with the best possible equipment and products.


Being a member of recognised dental associations will give a lot of credibility to your dental facility. One such organization is the Australian Dental Association. Such organizations are tasked with the mandate of ensuring high standards within the dental industry through accreditation.