What Are Invisalign Braces

invisalign-image-5Invisalign refers to a chain of transparent and removable teeth aligners that can be used instead of traditional dental braces to give shape to the teeth. For locating a suitable alternative to the awkward appearing conventional metallic braces which were always used for dental alignment Invisalign braces evolved as a response to the demand. The Invisalign braces are removable pieces of transparent plastic which are seemingly invisible once they are put on the teeth. The convenience of keeping and using them and this invisibility of Invisalign have made them a greatly popular alternative to traditional metallic braces. The Invisalign braces are designed, produced and marketed by Gold Coast based medical equipments manufacturing company, Align Technology, Inc.

The Invisalign treatment is a regular process with the braces being replaced virtually every two weeks for about annually to accommodate with the shifting alignment of the teeth. The process of fabricating the customized Invisalign begins at the dentist’s chamber, where the dentist shoots pictures, dental impressions and xrays of the patient’s teeth and sends them to align technologies. The dental impressions are put through a CT scan to create a computer generated three dimensional model of the braces. The accredited Invisalign technicians individualize the teeth in the computer model based on the recommendations of the orthodontist and prepare a final model of the braces that are customized. A custom applications creates models that are customized for each positions and then creates an assessment of the various phases of the Invisalign treatment. The braces are fit with aligners to give guidance to the alignment of the teeth. The orthodontist reviews each phase of the procedure online. To him, each Invisalign brace is shipped after the approval by the orthodontist periodically.

invisalign-image-3The average treatment time using Invisalign braces is one year, although the total time needed depends upon the complexity of the procedure. In the event of minor adjustments (like mild crowding, small spacing), the entire process can be finished within twenty weeks of using the invisible braces. This is referred to as the Invisalign express application. In the event of adjustments that are important, the duration of the program depends mainly on the continuity of the patient to the program. For 20-22 hours in a day, Invisalign braces should be worn at least for most powerful results. The Invisalign treatment process may additionally include putting ‘ attachments ‘ onto the teeth to achieve the desirable contour. The fasteners are of natural tooth shades and are made from glass-like material. The treatment process might also include a process of reproximation, where an amount that is suitable files down the contacts between teeth to make sure the compatibility of the braces on the teeth.

invisalign-image-1The advantages of using Invisalign are several. Aside from being not visible, the dental braces are a step-by-step dental treatment process which has been designed with utmost concern for patient convenience. The Invisalign dental braces happen to be designed to handle various dental issues including Crowding, spacing, deep bite, bite that was open, around morsel and under sting. Over the years of its use, the Invisalign brand continues to be able to create a formidable brand identity of its own.